Program Overview:

With lesson plans having been created by audio engineers and studio owners with a combined 30-years of professional experience, our Audio Engineering Program (AEP) is the core offering here at Art Of Audio. This expertly crafted training program takes the mystery out of the studio recording and mixing process and provides a fast-track to the goal of being able to comfortably and efficiently record and mix quality music in a professional recording studio environment. With a focus on allowing students to work with high-end, industry standard hardware and software from day-one, our AEP program is an excellent way to jump-right-in to the world of studio recording.

Upon completing the studio recording final project portion of this 25-week program and a 12-week unpaid internship, students are able to continue to use our recording studios in order to work on their own studio projects by taking advantage of our post-program studio rental program. This exclusive, student only benefit provides our students with ongoing and affordable post-program access to a professional recording studio…and just 9 months after starting the program.

1) Audio Engineering (Fundamentals):

Topics covered include:

•Microphone design and placement techniques
•Physics and properties of sound
•Decibels and measurements
•Pro Tools overview
•Signal flow
•Studio rules & etiquette
•Recording fundamentals, from the single vocalist to the full band
•Industry standard terminology
•Overview of common studio accessories (stands, cables etc.)
•Introduction to frequencies

2) Audio Engineering (Tracking):

Topics covered include:

•Setting up the studio for a session
•Inventory and session documentation
•Analog and digital signal routing
•Drum microphone placement
•Instrument amp microphone placement
•Acoustic instrument microphone placement
•Tracking vocals
•Direct Injection (DI)
•Instrument & vocal overdubbing techniques
•Studio workflow development
•File management

3) Audio Engineering (Mixing): 

Topics covered include:

•Editing a session in Pro Tools
•Overview of equalization and its many uses
•Dynamics processing
•Dynamic control
•Balancing the mix
•Reverse engineering of popular music
•Critical listening
•Applying delay, reverb and multi-effects
•Mix sweetening using Ozone 6

4) Music Production Fundamentals:

Topics covered include:

•The evolution of modern digital music
•Popular production software and plugins
•Tempo maps & quantization
•Synthesis, sampling
•Breaks, beats and loops
•DJ Controllers
•Copyright and fair use (when using samples)

5) The Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): 

Topics covered include:

•Digital audio theory
•Advanced Pro Tools workflow concepts
•Elastic audio
•File compatibility
•Digital vs. Analog recording, editing and mixing
•Pro Tools tips and tricks
•Pro Tools plugins
•Beat detective
•Overview of sample rates, syncing & clocking
•Quantizing audio in Pro Tools

6) Studio Design and Maintenance:

Topics covered include:

•Electrical safety
•Preventative maintenance
•Fundamentals of electricity & electronics
•Tube and transistor amplifiers
•Room Acoustics
•Troubleshooting workflow
•Choosing the right equipment
•Project studio design on a budget
•Sound proofing vs. sound absorption

7) Digital Signal Processing:

Topics covered include:

•Drum programming
•Sample replacement
•Vocal tuning
•Hardware modeling
•Modern production techniques
•Mid-side equalization
•Noise removal
•Mastering vs. Mix-Sweetening

8) Final Class Project:

Our AEP final project is truly a unique experience. All students complete an individual, full-scale 3-song studio recording project for a band or artist utilizing our professional recording and production studios over an 8-week period. All aspects of the project are managed and completed by the student including scheduling, pre-production, tracking, editing, mixing and final mix-sweetening.

PROGRAM DURATION: 25-weeks/two 2:30 minute classes per week/144 total hours (96 total hands-on instruction hours/48 total final-project studio hours)
PROGRAM COST: $7,680.00