NEW! Live Sound Engineering Program

The Art of Audio Live Sound Engineering Program is a 6-month certificate program designed to give students real hands-on experience of working in the live music sector. As more artists look to performance rather than record sales for revenue, there are more jobs for skilled live sound engineers. Our live sound program will teach you everything you need to know to be able to work as a live sound engineer in venues small to big as well as on the road with touring bands. During the last 2 months of the program classes will be held at a local medium to large size Denver music venue.

Program Overview


Audio Engineering Program

Art of Audio offers multiple audio programs.  Our complete audio engineering program propels our students towards becoming pro audio engineers/producers.  We cater to those looking to learn everything they can about the art of recording music and audio production in a professional recording studio environment.

This comprehensive audio engineering program is designed around a specific entry-level skill set and provides a full six months of hands-on learning in a working recording studio. Students learn studio design and acoustics, microphone design and placement, Pro Tools fundamentals and much more. During the last four weeks of the program, students will produce, engineer and mix a live band. Our complete recording program provides flexible scheduling to suit your schedule with both daytime and evening learning sessions. We also offer flexible payment arrangements.

Electronic Music Production Program

The Art Of Audio: Complete Electronic Music Program offers a current approach to teaching students the necessary skills and techniques needed to create contemporary electronic music in a variety of styles, including dub, trance, drum & bass, and house. Students will learn the history of electronic music with listening examples that showcase the important people, technology, and techniques associated with the genre.

The lessons will feature an interactive online textbook consisting of audio/video media which highlight DAW and synthesis techniques appropriate to the style. For each style, there will also be a research and analysis component, in which students learn to listen critically and adapt to changes in technology and public musical taste. All students are then required to create a completed piece of music for each style of electronic music as well as a final project in a style chosen by the student. Work can be done in any major DAW that supports AU, RTAS, or VST instruments, including Pro Tools, Ableton Live, or Reason.

NEW! Rock/Metal/Punk Production Program

Art Of Audio now offers an exciting new 6-month production program that focuses on the tracking, mixing and production of hard rock, metal, punk and related genre’s. In this program, students learn all of the industry standard production practices that will allow them to achieve that “heavy sound” that is found in today’s commercial rock, metal and punk recordings. And for the last 2 months of our program, students will produce, record, mix and master a band in the studio. This program provides a wealth of knowledge ranging from drum microphone placement techniques and drum sample triggering to final mix sweetening. This program is a must for any aspiring hard rock, metal or punk rock engineer or producer, and will allow you to get straight to making the professional sounding music that you love.

Program Overview

Hip-Hop Production Program

Our hip-hop production program is a 6-month certificate course that provides an opportunity for aspiring producers to learn and perfect their skills in the art of Hip Hop music production. This program encourages immense professional growth and provides great insight for the producer by combining the fundamentals of Hip Hop music production with new cutting edge techniques and perspectives.  Students will graduate from the 24-week program with the skills and knowledge essential for creating the music they love.

This program is intended for the aspiring Hip Hop producer and beat maker and provides them with the skills necessary to take his or her productions to the next level.  The program is open to anyone 16 years of age and above with no prior experience or personal equipment required.

The overall program is an innovative combination of lecture-based training and practical, hands-on learning.

Program Overview