Program Overview:

This intensive program is designed to allow students to quickly start making music using Ableton Live 9 software, and then continue to evolve their skills throughout the duration of this fully hands-on, 25-week training program. Our EMP program provides extensive hands-on training giving students the core competencies, skills and techniques needed to take their productions out of the bedroom or basement and into the world of professional audio production. The program’s lesson plans provide a large amount of interactive instructor demonstrations coupled with frequent hands-on class production exercises. Additional music business and live-performance related topics are also covered in-depth. Students are provided with unlimited access to our audio production labs and studios while enrolled in the program, allowing students to continually prepare for the completion of their final projects – an individually composed, arranged and mixed 3-song electronic music production project.

1) Orientation:

Topics covered include:

•Introductions and determination of individual goals
•Discussion of various genres of electronic music
•Overview of industry standard production software and hardware
•History and evolution of electronic music

2) Ableton Overview (Fundamentals):

Topics covered include:

•Intro to Ableton Live 9
•Ableton Live 9 Layout
•Overview of Push 2 features and functions
•Recording in Ableton
•Working with Audio & Automation

3) In-Depth With Ableton & Basic Music Theory:

Topics covered include:

•Live’s Racks
•Warping & Signal Flow In Ableton Live
•Chromatic, Major & Minor Scales
•Major, Minor & 7th Chords
•Common Chord Progressions

4) Ableton’s Devices & FX:

Topics covered include:

•Understanding and Manipulating ADSR
•General Principles of Audio Devices
•Live’s Instruments
•Audio Effects
•MIDI Effects

5) Sound Design:

Topics covered include:

•Overview of Sound Design
•Frequency Modulation Synthesis
•Subtractive Synthesis
•Additive Synthesis
•Ableton Operator
•Native Instruments Massive
•Native Instruments FM8

6) Sampling:

Topics covered include:

•Working with Simpler
•Elastic Audio (Warping)
•Common vs. Unconventional Sampling Styles
•Re-sampling Sounds

7) Mixing & Advanced Ableton Features:

Topics covered include:

•Overview of Mixing with Ableton Live 9
•Fundamentals of Equalization
•Dynamics Processing
•Reverb/Delays and other Effects
•Balancing the Mix
•Using Filters
•Mixing Tips & Tricks

8) Mastering Electronic Music:

Topics covered include:

•Intro to Mastering in Ableton Live 9
•Applying the Final Touches
•Limiting, Master EQ, Maximizer in Ozone
•Multi-Band Compression
•Achieving the Desired Stereo Width

9) An Introduction To Live Performance:

Topics covered include:

•Ableton Live 9 for Live Performance
•DJ’ing Fundamentals
•Mixing On-The-Fly
•Organizing your Playlists
•Live-Performance Signal Routing & Gear Setup

10) Music Business:

Topics covered include:

•Artist Social Media and Marketing Practices
•Independent Labels vs. Major Labels
•Introduction to Copyright Law
•How to Get Gigs

11) Final Class Project:

Our final class project allows students to show off their newly acquired music production skills. Each student will spend the last 8-weeks of the program composing, producing, mixing and mastering a 3-song EP using the software, hardware, tools and techniques that have been introduced to them throughout the first 16-weeks of the program.

PROGRAM DURATION: 25-weeks/two 2:30 minute classes per week/144 total hours (96 total hands-on instruction hours/48 total final-project studio hours)
PROGRAM COST: $7,680.00