Is Art Of Audio a career training school?


No. And here’s why:

While a lot of music is still recorded in high-end and high-dollar professional recording studios, there has been a major shift in the way that music is recorded and sold. Because of the ongoing proliferation of digital distribution, artists are now able to have complete control over the sale and distribution of their music and can also track, mix and master audio themselves in smaller home-based or commercial studios.

Art Of Audio provides the knowledge and training required to properly utilize the equipment and software used to record and produce today’s modern music and audio. We are an avocational school, and what our clients ultimately use their newly acquired knowledge for varies.

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Do you offer job placement services?

Many vocational training schools offer help finding a job upon completion of a program, however, we are not a vocational training school and providing career placement is not in line with our proprietary training model. As mentioned in a previous FAQ, we offer “studio-to-client” based training. Our students are our clients and can use their time spent in any of our programs on a professional resume should they choose to pursue a career in the field of audio engineering and/or production. We will also be more than happy to provide a reference for any student that has goals of finding employment in the industry.

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Why choose Art Of Audio over a college-level recording school?

There are many well-repected higher learning institutions that provide knowledge and training in the fields of audio recording & production. Unfortunately, most of these schools are costly and require years of dedication. This leaves many artists and aspiring audio engineers and producers with few options should they choose to take their skills and talents to the next level.

As an avocational learning institution, our students are essentially our clients. And unlike most audio recording schools and colleges, you are not required to take English, math and other classes that are not directly related to your interests. At Art Of Audio, you will get straight to work learning the fundamentals of audio engineering and production without being sidetracked by other requirements. In addition, our programs and workshops are taught in our professional recording studio and/or our state-of-the art audio labs, allowing each student a complete hands-on experience.


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Is Art Of Audio an accredited school?

No. And here is why:

Accrediting organizations generally require a school applying for accreditation to have individual programs of study that are 1-year or longer in overall duration. So even if we wanted to become a costly higher-learning institution or vocational training school, we couldn’t. Our individual programs are 6-months in duration and are geared more towards the independent artist or aspiring audio engineer or producer that doesn’t require a college degree or vocational training certificate to achieve their personal goals.

Questions? Please feel free to call us at (720) 328-6462 with any questions about our programs.

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How much do your recording programs and workshops cost?

Pricing for each of our programs and workshops is listed at the bottom of the overview page for each respective program or workshop.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

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Do you offer financing?

We offer flexible payment options for our clients depending on the workshop or program chosen. Contact us in order to discuss our payment options.

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When can I stop by in order to check out your facility?

We are unable to accommodate walk-in clients. Please call (720) 328-6462 to schedule an appointment for your own personal tour.

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