Hip-Hop Production Program Overview


The Art Of Audio: Hip-Hop Production Program is divided into four sections:

  • History of Hip-Hop Music, Producers and Artists
  • Standard Hip Hop Production & Engineering Fundamentals
  • Composition, Arrangement, & Programming
  • Marketing & the Business

History of Hip-Hop Music, Producers and Artists

This 3-part section of the program introduces students to the general history of rap music from its origins to present day. This broad overview includes discussions of most, but not all, of the major artists and producers from this period. Second, we explore connections between the rap music and the other elements of hip hop culture. Third, this course challenges students to think critically about rap music and its place in society. Through listening exercises, demonstrations, and conversations with artists we examine how rappers create meaning in their musical works.

Drawing on secondary articles by rap critics and scholars, we consider in detail such controversial subjects as
censorship, sexism, obscenity, and race politics in America as they relate to rap music.


Standard Hip Hop Production & Engineering Fundamentals

This area of study helps students get up to speed on the fundamental elements, terminology, and production basics surrounding the genre. It includes studio layout and setup, audio signals and cabling, common gear and microphones, and engineering basics. An emphasis is also placed on critical listening and critique of the sub-genres of Hip Hop and the business side of the industry.

These components look at professional projects and dissect common practices and standards in the recording industry specific to Hip Hop music. Covered are topics such as working with the artists, practical recording and mixing methods, vocal recording editing, and processing and mastering. Under the guidance of instructors, students will participate in practical hands on recording sessions.


Composition, Arrangement & Programming

These subjects serve as the core elements of the course and require learning industry standard software programs such as Reason, Logic, Pro Tools and Komplete. With these tools students will cover subjects such as sampling, synthesis, sequencing and hardware devices such as Native Instruments Maschine and Komplete Instrument bundle . Once the tools of the trade are mastered the student can focus on creativity and personal production style.


Marketing & the Business

This aspect of the program will include the basics of marketing and how to get your music heard and distributed to as many people as possible. Also the fundamentals of music business will be discussed to be able to effectively navigate the competitive Hip Hop industry.


PROGRAM COST: $7,680.00
DURATION: 24 weeks/2 three-hour classes per week (144 total hands-on lab hours)
Maximum Students Per Class: 3