Rock/Metal/Punk Production Program Overview



1) History of the Genre’s:

  • History of the artists in this genre
  • Notable producers and engineers
  • How the genre’s have evolved into what they are today
  • The big players in Hard Rock/Metal/Punk

2) Drum Tracking:

  • Hard Rock/Metal/Punk drum recording techniques
  • Drum triggering fundamentals
  • Microphone design/placement
  • Tuning a Hard Rock/Metal/Punk drum kit

3) Guitar Tracking:

  • Achieving proper tone from guitar amplifiers/cabs
  • Guitar amp EQ
  • Stomp pedal and effects fundamentals
  • Microphone placement
  • Lead vs. rhythm sound shaping

4) Bass Guitar Tracking:

  • Achieving proper tone from a bass amplifier/cab
  • Bass amp EQ
  • Stomp pedal and effects fundamentals
  • Microphone placement

5) Vocal Tracking:

  • Microphone selection and placement
  • Utilizing compressors and distresses
  • Vocal effects processing
  • Lead vs. background vocal sound shaping

6) Production Techniques:

  • Using Drumagog for sample replacement/reinforcement
  • Using Guitar amp simulation plug-ins
  • Using Bass amp simulation plug-ins
  • Adding strings and background instruments

7) Guitar/Bass Reamping:

  • Using a DI/Reamping box
  • Choosing the best sound/amp for your production
  • Reamping signal flow
  • Layering guitars across multiple tracks

8) Mixing Techniques:

  • Using EQ Plugins and hardware
  • Using compressors
  • Vocal effects and mixing
  • Automation fundamentals
  • Achieving big and punchy drums in your mix
  • Achieving space and width in your mix

9) Final Mix Sweetening:

  • Mid-side fundamentals
  • Using Ozone 5 to polish your mixes and productions
  • Mastering EQ
  • Multi-band compression
  • Stereo imaging


PROGRAM COST: $7,680.00
DURATION: 24 weeks/3 two-hour classes per week (144 total hands-on lab hours)
Maximum Students Per Class: 3
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