Program Overview:

This advanced level program requires the completion of our Audio Engineering Program (AEP) prior to enrollment.

Our Rock/Metal/Punk Production Program provides the advanced skills and techniques needed to record and produce professional quality music within the wide spectrum of “heavy music” genres. With a focus on in-class demonstrations and exercises, this unique program provides students access to the equipment, software and workflows used by professional contemporary rock, metal and punk producers. Students will also be involved in multiple studio recording projects throughout the duration of their training. And to top it all off, all students will produce, record, edit and mix a record quality 3-song EP for a band or artist chosen by the student.

1) History of the Genre’s:

  • History and evolution of the genre
  • Notable producers and engineers
  • How the genre’s have evolved into what they are today
  • The big players in Hard Rock/Metal/Punk

2) Drum Tracking:

  • Hard Rock/Metal/Punk drum recording techniques
  • Drum triggering fundamentals
  • Microphone design/placement
  • Tuning a Hard Rock/Metal/Punk drum kit

3) Guitar Tracking:

  • Achieving proper tone from guitar amplifiers/cabs
  • Guitar amp EQ
  • Stomp pedal and effects fundamentals
  • Microphone placement
  • Lead vs. rhythm sound shaping

4) Bass Guitar Tracking:

  • Achieving proper tone from a bass amplifier/cab
  • Bass amp EQ
  • Stomp pedal and effects fundamentals
  • Microphone placement

5) Vocal Tracking:

  • Microphone selection and placement
  • Utilizing compressors and distresses
  • Vocal effects processing
  • Lead vs. background vocal sound shaping

6) Production Techniques:

  • Using Drumagog for sample replacement/reinforcement
  • Using Guitar amp simulation plug-ins
  • Using Bass amp simulation plug-ins
  • Adding strings and background instruments

7) Guitar/Bass Reamping:

  • Using a DI/Reamping box
  • Choosing the best sound/amp for your production
  • Reamping signal flow
  • Layering guitars across multiple tracks

8) Mixing Techniques:

  • Using EQ Plugins and hardware
  • Using compressors
  • Vocal effects and mixing
  • Automation fundamentals
  • Achieving big and punchy drums in your mix
  • Achieving space and width in your mix

9) Final Mix Sweetening:

  • Mid-side fundamentals
  • Using Ozone 5 to polish your mixes and productions
  • Mastering EQ
  • Multi-band compression
  • Stereo imaging

10) Final Project:

Students in the Rock/Metal/Production Program will independently record, edit and mix a record quality 3-song EP for a band or artist chosen by the student. (The school can arrange a band for the project if needed). All aspects of the project are managed and completed by the student including scheduling, pre-production, tracking, editing, mixing and final mix-sweetening.

PROGRAM DURATION: 25-weeks/two 2:30 minute classes per week/144 total hours (96 total hands-on instruction hours/48 total final-project studio hours)
PROGRAM COST: $7,680.00